( Shameless / Seattle, US ) - DJ


THE BREAKFAST CLUB – Decibel Edition II Showcase

Sunday, September 27 2015


Seattle-based DJ/producer Devin Kelly (AKA Adlib) has been a techno activist for over fifteen years. From his humble beginnings in small town Idaho, to his long residencies with the notorious Shameless (Seattle) and Monkey Do (LA) DJ crews, to his co-creation of Esthetic Evolution -arguably the Northwest’s most well respected outdoor electronic music festival- he has long been at the center of the region’s dance music underground. As a DJ, he is constantly sharing a radical vision of good times, heady tunes and dance floor debauchery with everyone he meets. His versatility and mixture of cerebral yet crowd-rocking house and techno cuts earn him regular headlining spots at clubs, renegade parties and festival across the Western US and beyond. His recent launch into more serious production -with releases out on Seattle’s Innerflight and his own crew’s Shameless Audio label- will undoubtedly further cement his role as a party veteran and music mainstay.


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