Brooke Would

( the Funky Kind / LA, US ) - DJ


THE BREAKFAST CLUB – Decibel Edition II Showcase

Sunday, September 27 2015


Brooke’s love of dance music began in the mid 1990s, when her nomadic nature landed her in the middle of Boise, Idaho’s burgeoning rave scene. A Southerner at heart, Brooke has always been drawn to funk and soul music. In the sea of late 90s trance anthems, she started to miss house music. In 1998 she began buying records, genuinely curious if the music that moved her was still being produced. Soon she had a collection that turned into a gig. Since her first gig in 2000 she has captained the decks on hundreds of occasions with great success. Brooke has appeared from Idaho to Arizona and all states west, spinning at concerts, competitions, clubs, festivals, and raves… some with thousands in attendance, and alongside legendary performers and musicians. Whether she is headlining a festival or opening at a local club she is always mindful of the setting, and can be counted on to lay down a set to be remembered.

In her 15 years behind the decks she has kept her hand steady and stuck with the music that moved her. That simple dedication has crafted a signature sound, she lovingly calls sexy tech thump. She can be counted on for blend of house & techno, that encompasses a wide spectrum of music and encourages spontaneous movement in strangers.


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