( Central Processing Unit / Icasea / Dallas, US ) - Live


Resident Advisor Showcase

Friday, September 25 2015


The combination of body pooping beats and strange, otherworldly melodies is at once both unsettling and comforting, like Incunabula era Autechre. Also one of the highlights is Private Feelings, a relentless yet warm analog workout and a joy for fans of synthesizer music. If you like your B-Boy Electro, or your atmospheric electronics, or happen to need a soundtrack for your dark future, then look no further and get your ears round Cygnus.

Showcasing his Detroit-influenced electro and electronic music, brimming with classic tr rhythm sounds, ambient space and scifi synth work. From the tough, elegant swinging electro-funk workout of Donorax” to the gorgeous title track “wrowreck” his futuristic soundscapes, synthesis mastery and sample manipulation shine through on every track.”