Evergreen Eye

( Seattle, US ) - Visual


Evergreen Eye has been doing visuals for live shows in the Pacific Northwest for over a decade. Seeing a need for augmenting live experimental music shows while curating Strategic Improvisation Laboratories 2000 (SIL2K) in the early 2000s, Evergreen Eye was born with a pair of VCRs and some custom hacked wiring. Soon this evolved into a more elaborate digital setup based on custom processing software written in Max.

My favorite things to do are trying to construct the abstract from the narrative or a building a narrative from the abstract. I embrace all things surreal.

EE has been fortunate to work with many artists over the years including a decade of Decibel Festivals and international artists such as Thievery Corporation, Pete Tong, DJ Krush, Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Herbaliser and Gui Boratto.


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