Experimental Housewife

( No Fear Of Pop / Communikey / Meow Wolf / Santa Fe, US ) - DJ


Discwoman Showcase

Thursday, September 24 2015


As Experimental Housewife, Evelyn Malinowski is a playful yet potent force. Mixing a variety of genres together, ExHouse’s hope is to offer surprise and therapeutic irony, as well as synchronicity, to listeners. While she is celebrated for both lengthy, solid dance sets as well as multi-layered drone sets, both of which maintain a signature of storytelling and narrative. DJing for parties and listening purposes to international crowds for nearly twenty years, one is likely to experience the numerous ways supposedly incomparable music can fit together. Such a style promotes diversity and the relinquishment of categories, especially on the sonic level.

Experimental Housewife has played music alongside Avalon Emerson, Peaches, Zs, Charles Cohen, TEEN, Born Gold, Camino Acid, Natasha Kmeto, and Cherushii, and in cities around the globe such as Seattle, Copenhagen, Kitchener, Malmö, San Francisco, Berlin & the one-and-only Missoula, Montana. With Berlin as a former home, ExHouse is now based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where she continues to work as a staff writer for Berlin-based No Fear of Pop and play music to the mountains.


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