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Hush Hush Showcase

Friday, September 26 2014


‘Hanssen’ is a person named Bob Hansen. This person was born in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America, where he has continued to live since that day. Approximately 17 years after he was born he began to collaborate musically with another person who goes by the name of Dave Pezzner. They produced and released a body of original work and remixes under the name ‘Jacob London’. This work was mainly created in a style most referred to as “quirky house”, “funky house”, or “jackin’ quirk balls”. Many people around the world appreciated their output so much, they were invited to travel to other continents and play this music for them.

Currently, Bob Hansen is producing music by himself as ‘Hanssen’ (as has been previously stated). The music he creates under this name is much less dance-club-centric—as he himself is getting old and, most times, would rather just sit down—and tends to fall into the genre categories of “ambient”, “indie-dance”, “bass music”, “future garage”, “synth”, et al. In addition to releasing a handful of easily-digestible EPs, he has been lucky enough to provide his services as a remixer to various labels, on musical compositions by some very talented people whom he admires very much. Including, but not limited to, Si Begg, Ian Pooley, Lusine, Pezzner, and Colette.

In 2014 he completed an acceptable number of songs to be grouped together into what most people call an “album”. This song collection, ‘Seven Years Week’, was released into the world via a record label who goes by the name of ‘Hush Hush’. It is widely regarded by the artist as his best, and most personal, work to date.



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