Jessey Zepeda

( Mixer / Lumen League / Portland, US ) Visual



Jessey Zepeda has expressed himself through video synthesis for a decade now. Using the experimental technique to incorporate further realms of visual art such as large-scale multi-touch, audio visualization and participant interactive environments. Jessey now finds his passion for creating entrancing visuals is now merging with his professional life producing sets for corporate events and museum exhibits. Projects in the works will find him executing video mapped stages and creating automated video and lighting installations for retail environments. If there was a defining moment that encouraged him to this point it was an event called “Private Space” in 2008. Private Space brought together a handful of friends to create an interactive environment that had been on his mind for years.

Jessey Zepeda is a multidisciplinary artist from Portland Oregon and has performed live visuals with artists such as Tipper, AN-TEN-AE, Axel Bowman, Jacob London, Warrior Bros, EVAC and many others.



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