Jessey Zepeda

( Portland, US ) - Visual


Jessey Zepeda is nothing if not a visionary – and if a picture can say a thousand words, his decade-long VJ career speaks volumes. Gifted with a background in fine arts, Jessey began experimenting with synesthesia-based art and design as a child, and he has been manipulating the way we see and hear the world ever since.

On a lifelong quest to learn more, Jessey has thoroughly explored the world of experimental video performance. His journey has taken him near and far, each experience adding another dimension to his work. From performing in Berlin and at events like Decibel and What The Festivals, to completing a 3-year VJ residency for the Mixer crew in Portland, Oregon, Jessey delivers his audiences an experience like none other. Commissioned by corporate and private clients alike, Jessey’s performances take the ordinary and spin it into something you can’t take your eyes off of.


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