Kangding Ray

( Berlin, DE ) Live

Kangdling Ray


OPTICAL 3: Playful Discord

Thursday, September 25 2014


For France-born, Berlin-based conceptual composer David Letellier aka Kangding Ray, the combination of slowly swelling melodies and emotionally charged machine sounds gives way to a sensitive, rhythmic symphony of staggering beauty. This juxtaposition of organic and synthetic, of acoustic instrumentation and digitized beats, reflects Letellier’s wide-ranging creative background. The interdisciplinary artist studied architecture and played guitar and drums in a number of rock, pop and jazz formations before embarking on a more kinetically-charged electronic mission. His darkly textured techno grooves – a palette of throbbing bass lines, necromantic synths, processed guitar loops, rattling walls of distortion and unorthodox field recordings – accounts for a brooding, future-retro entity that elicits both lab-coat admiration and club culture emancipation. His glitch-y, experimental pop anomalies have been released on authoritative imprints such as raster-noton and Stroboscopic Artefacts. Kangding Ray will be performing a hardware-strong, industrial techno live rendition of his dense, holistic fourth album, Solens Arc (2014).



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