Kid Smpl

( Hush Hush Recordings / Seattle, US ) Live

Kid Smpl


Hush Hush Showcase

Friday, September 26 2014



=> Red Bull Music Academy artist profile

Kid Smpl is the current alias of Seattle-based producer and 2013 RBMA alum Joey Butler. A veteran of stage and studio, Butler has been busy developing a style of physical and affecting bass music that continues to evolve with each release.

Butler released his debut album ‘Skylight’ in November 2012, which emphasized his ethereal, atmospheric inclinations. The album evokes the introspection of a far-flung space colony’s forest terrarium, late into the evening, alone or with close company. He followed it with the ‘Armour’ EP in July 2013, which further articulates the hazy future vision he has been praised for on numerous EPs, compilation tracks, and remixes released to date. ‘Armour’ was more decisive in nature than ‘Skylight,’ the sound of a young producer growing more confident and clear about the type of music he wanted to create.

Newer releases find Kid Smpl exploring the physical impact of his sound, a thrilling new facet for his already complex sonic palate.



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