Nancy Dru

( Subversive / / VAN / Vancouver, CA ) - DJ


THE BREAKFAST CLUB – Decibel Edition II Showcase

Sunday, September 27 2015


Situated pleasantly on the more unconventional end of music and sound, Vancouverite Jen P aka Nancy Dru has a kind of important message embedded throughout her style. Engaging in her sets is like sitting with her at a card table while the chaos of the casino persists in the periphery: glances of determination alongside a type of stoicism about fun are passed around, undermining your confidence of the game, questioning your initial goal to win, diffusing what you thought it meant to win at anything.

Known during the IDM days as The Square Root of Evil, Jen now delivers dense, driven techno, as solid as urban pavement. Nancy Dru is where Jen’s personal and deep comprehension of sound marches through each corner and transition of her set. Rendering her work more potent is its vocal aridness. Though this style is alive with language, it is an idiosyncratic, non-verbal kind, accessible to all who are at least level two versed in techno.

Having shared the stage with the likes of Shed, Rødhåd, Kangding Ray, Andy Stott, Annie Hall, Regis, Veronica Vasicka, Matrixxman, Kowton, Erika, Rennie Foster, and Dasha Rush, and after playing celebrated sets at Mutek, Soundwave, and Communikey, Jen has gained a laudable reputation as not only an artist with a severe approach to music, but also as a techno advocate with an esoteric, tenacious language, argot required for propelling the global dance community forward into its unknown, tremendous future.