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THE BREAKFAST CLUB – Decibel Edition II Showcase

Sunday, September 27 2015


Recess has been in a long term love affair with Seattle’s underground music scene for the past couple of decades. In the late 80′s he found his second home at the long defunct Club Underground in Seattle’s University District (along with DJ Dominator aka Donald Glaude, DJ Dan and many others). During the 90s he bounced between raves, rock shows and jazz clubs appreciating the passion and community behind the scenes. Using these early experiences as a platform, he started collecting records and honing his skills at various clubs around the Northwest; quickly establishing himself as a formidable performer.

In 2003 he founded Shameless Productions (responsible for numerous legendary underground club nights, parties and shenanigans). Along with a changing cast of players, over the years, Shameless established itself as a trust worthy brand by throwing some of the most memorable events the Seattle’s undergound dance music community. From day one, each Shameless party was a special one regardless of the wide ranges of genres and bookings represented. With an eye towards the cutting edge, but deep respect for electronic music’s rich history, Shameless has kept it’s finger on the pulse of Seattle’s underground for close to ten years.


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