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dB After-Hours 1: Dubscured After Hours

Thursday, September 25 2014


Despite little more than a few years on the international touring circuit, Berlin-based Recondite is one of the world’s most sought after underground artists in 2014. It’s interesting to uncover how Recondite shot to prominence so quickly in the first place; a name that came from literal obscurity to being on so many artist and journalist’s lips.

Lorenz Brunner is hard working by nature. Maintaining his profession as a personal trainer whilst being a touring electronic musician, the work serendipitously lead him to wider acclaim when he realised that Paul Rose – a.k.a. Hotflush head honcho Scuba – was a client at his gym. One of Scuba’s 2011 Sub:stance parties at Panorama Bar became his debut performance and the rest, as they say, is history.

The relative duality between the physical and the emotional features heavily in Brunner’s compositions as Recondite, so too do many of his subconscious and conscious ponderings on other things. The nature of Bavarians, longing for natural surrounds, and the translation of melancholy through the electronic music medium are all subjects that Recondite has explored. This existential take on his music, very separate from club and common music culture, is what makes Recondite stand apart from so many other producers and is possibly the source of his success. He only uses his own stems and whenever he feels that his set needs something new, he relies on making it himself. This pushes the creativity of the self-sufficient artist even further, inspiring him to make things that stand so independent from the majority.

When looking at Brunner’s entire discography to date right up to his most recent EP, attempting to describe his tracks by genre is pointless. His live sets are just as diverse and each is largely exclusive to a genre his music has favoured. In a similar fashion to Donato Dozzy, sometimes it’s a techno set, another ambient.



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