Scott Keva James

( The Now Device / / Seattle, US ) Visual



Scott Keva James is a visualist focused on live composition and live visual environments. He uses cameras to cull interesting sequences from reality at large and software tools to then crush, push, re-time and trim these captures to essentials for live, rhythmic play. His sets and performances take this accretion of intentionally disassembled material and reorganize it to create hypnogogic explorations. He has a keen interest in time (as motion, rhythm and sequence), texture (as shape, light and shadow) and flow (as experienced in live, improvised performance). Lyrical patterns emerge, slide along the continuum between organic and inorganic, nature and artifice, abstract and concrete, and then, through repetition, evolve.

Combining backgrounds in spatial design, music, theater, multi-media and programming, Scott strives to move live visual art out of and beyond the constraints of a film/TV paradigm, towards its own space. In pursuit of new horizons for live visual media, he develops video mixing software, teaches multimedia in a studio setting, and designs/produces/performs The Now Devices’ new generation of multimedia stage shows, combining live video with live orchestral music.

In 2001 Scott joined the collective where his work included performances at Seattle’s Experience Music Project and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. In 2004 he co-founded the visual events services and production company, The Now Device. Scott performs at and for local art organizations, large corporate shows, – one-off club shows and parties, and spent nearly two years as the visual resident and then producer at Oscillate, a weekly eclectic electronic music night in Seattle. Most recently, Scott has been playing visuals and music, collaborating and performing with electronic and other artists and musicians in New York, Washington, Denver and Ohio.

This will be Scott’s 7th Decibel festival.


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