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dB After-Hours 2: Ostgut Ton presented by Rane After Hours

Friday, September 26 2014


The Dutch-born Steffi is a key figure in contemporary electronic music. Their work includes the scene in several forms, she is a resident DJ at Panorama Bar, producer and label manager.

With the experience that Steffi has collected through the years of the promotion of underground parties and the operation of its two label Klakson and the rapidly growing Dolly, it creates a professional balance between DJing and, producing recordings. Your production style explores many aspects of house and techno, as their distinctive yet classic tracks Steffi’s own interpretation of the genre.

After more than six years as a resident at Panorama Bar Steffi is now finally in the spring of 2013 their “Panorama Bar 05″ Mix CD. The selected tracks from artists such as Fred P, Dexter Juju & Jordash or be grouped together with Steffi’s own material with some narrative Underground charm on a powerful and timeless mix CD.

Since moving to Berlin in 2007, Steffi produces an ever-growing discography of warm, classically inspired and enriched hardware boards. Through their exclusive tracks “24 Hours” on Tama Sumo “Panorama Bar 02″ Mix and “Sadness” on prosumer “Panorama Bar 03″ CD, the binding sound grew more and more to the label Ostgut. This was confirmed with the atmospheric “Kill Me” EP Later, announcing their debut album “Yours & Mine”. The album features the unmistakable track “Yours” feat. Virginia, which emphasizes beside pure and hypnotic moments like “Mine” or “Nightspacer” simply impressed and Steffi’s love for uncompromising club music. The ability to implement their high-energy sound in bass-heavy club tracks while floating to produce between classic and contemporary Techno House, Steffi 2012 has proved with the “scrapers” EP on Ostgut Ton.

Together with Lucretio and Marieu, better known as The Analogue Cops, Steffi published as Third Side. They brought together their 2012 “Unified Fields” LP on Restoration Records out an album that was heavily influenced by the dynamic live studio environment. For raw and dirty sound of the cops Steffi brings its clarity, elegance and serenity. The team presented its hardware-only live show around the globe. The trend to work with strong and cultured following record labels, Steffi published her original material as well as on Underground Quality NYC or Holland Field Recordings. Now in her studio quite at home they also produced numerous remixes, including some of the most prestigious labels in the scene.

Her work as a DJ, the distinctive productions and the search for new publications for her own label, reflect all the love she feels for the analog medium and its culture of the underground dance music and celebrating.


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