Vox Mod

( Unsound America / Seattle, US ) Live

Vox Mod 2013


Sines of Life Showcase

Friday, September 26 2014


The Great Oscillator is a lush, expansive collection of electronic pop. Porter seems to be going for structured songcraft as much as he is complex, textured soundscaping. While many of the pieces are danceable, this record’s not really about tracky club music, but rather refined compositions in which you can luxuriate in the comfort of your home, or to which you can elegantly sway in a discotheque. Some of the most interesting cuts are the shorter, Boards of Canada-like interludes, where Porter explores less glossy tonalities. Gleaming with an interstellar, escapist aura, The Great Oscillator has potential to cross over into the pop sphere and maybe even garner commercial radio play, but it also keeps a well-toned leg in the rhythmically tougher and convoluted world of IDM.”

-Dave Segal, The Stranger