Kid Smpl

( Hush Hush Recordings / Seattle, US ) Live



HUSH HUSH Showcase

Saturday, September 28 2013


Kid Smpl is the current alias of 23-year-old Seattle producer and 2013 RBMA alumn Joey Butler. A veteran of stage and studio, Butler has been busy developing a style of atmospheric bass music that continues to deepen with each release. His signature sound incorporates lush synths, meditative low-end, muffled vocals samples, and warm textural field recordings, punctuated by drums that straddle every end of the tempo spectrum. The sounds are spread across a canvas made wide with breathing room.

Briefly put, it evokes the introspection of a far-flung space colony colony’s forest terrarium, late into the evening, alone or with close company.

In November 2012, after a string of successful releases showcasing this style, Butler releases his first full-length on Hush Hush music label. The ‘Skylight’ album provides a fully realized picture of Butler as a producer, articulating the hazy future vision he has been praised for on numerous EPs, tracks, and remixes released to date. With an original track on the new Friends Of Friends; ‘Show Me The Future’ compilation (alongside productions from Ryan Hemsworth, Octa Octa, Dreams, Evenings…) and a ‘Skylight’ remix collection album planned for February, 2013 seems to be very promising already.



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