Bottom Forty’s Nark Presents “Night Moves”

If this mix is any sort of an indicator as to what you can expect at the ‘Bottom 40 Showcase’ then there is no question as to if one should attend or not. Less than 5 minutes in – there is an aura of confidence and attitude so thick, you could cut it with a knife. The boss of Bottom 40, and the person responsible for this mix, Kevin Kauer (aka Nark), is a Seattle local and has been pushing this enlightened, heightened form of music and culture for some time.

Kevin is currently just wrapping up his “Dickslap” tour, a party and an idea originally created in protest against the Liquor Control Board. Starting at a famous and local bar, The Eagle, in Capitol Hill – “Dickslap” would go on to be highly successful and garner support from the likes of The Stranger and even Dan Savage. Eventually blossoming into a full-fledged tour, Kevin was able to take this night and share it along the entire West Coast in cities like San Francisco, Portland, and Vancouver. Most importantly however, “Dickslap” was able to draw in some amazing, local talent along the way, accumulating sets from Futurewife, Honey Soundsystem, Brian Lyons, Karl Kamakahi, Jens Irish, and of course the, the Bottom 40 resident DJ’s, which brings us back full circle to the point at hand – the Bottom 40 Showcase.

Bottom 40, as described by the head-honcho himself, is “a DJ and music nerds best friend, a history lesson in clubland and a radio player bringing sounds big and small to your living room. Bottom Forty is an aural gallery for the absolute finest in music selected and compiled by only the best musicians and DJ’s, ranging anywhere from disco, soul, electro, dark wave, italo, house, funk, tribal, new wave, indie, acid, R&B, nu-disco and techno from all generations, but never inches to the top of the boring billboard charts. Our style and mission is drawn directly off the inspiration and combined experiences our traveled contributors receive from slinging tunes in clubs, speeding through city lights, digging in jungles or going wherever the wind takes them.”

So what can we expect from the showcase? We can count on multiple DJ sets focused on two exclusive things – the quality of music, and the experience of each and every individual. Both of these things are of the utmost importance to the Bottom 40 DJ’s – in this case, Riff-Raff and Pavone. Both specializing in nu-disco and deep house, the dancefloor will be one of spatial awareness and a common sense of solidarity amongst the crowd. Alongside the likes of Ejeca and Pillowtalk, the Bottom 40 Showcase will be an eclectic and unforgettable night to the many that attend.