Cecilia’s Top Releases of 2014 in Images

Some of my favorite moments of my day are when I can go get lost with a good soundtrack. Most times I just walk aimlessly with no real destination in mind. Eyes pick out details, memory fills them in, surroundings and sound interact.

This year, in some part, I observed the new place I’m living like an overly eager tourist. I daydream when I shouldn’t, re-imagining scenes to sounds, sounds to scenes, bringing them back into present meaning. So here’s a way I could remember my 2014: A re-imagination of (some of) my favorite releases in images.

FKA Twigs – Lights on [Young Turks]

A gilded amorphous blob wiggles its way under my skin – its substance, unknown. It finds its way to my core,  my body twitches to its unadulterated drive.
EMP, Seattle, WA

FKA Twigs 2

Kangding Ray – Serendipity March [Raster-Noton]

Winter’s grip is loosened inside the belly of a crunching, dripping arc of ice. Thawing and freezing, each arc crashes down to be re-formed anew.
The Big 4 Ice Caves, WA

Andy Stott – Faith in Strangers [Modern Love]
Olympic National Park Scenic Byway, WA

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Mr Mitch – Parallel Memories [Planet Mu]

Peculiarly colored stairways in metallic loops, hushed glassy silence, open spaces. Grime’s new softer side ascends to unexpected heights.

Ascending the Escalator, Seattle Public Library

Mr Mitch 2

Kiasmos – [Erased tapes]

A sea of dappled mossy birches in dense fog whip past my window. My eyes try to focus on one, only to create a moiré of patterns.

Middle of nowhere, Granite Falls, WA


Arca – Thievery [Mute]

A violently colored, space-aged vessel. Its uncomfortably shiny surfaces are framed in tantalizing curves, its movements inexplicable. It’s not here for peace, yet its insolence makes me cherish it more.

EMP, Seattle

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Call Super – Suzi Ecto [Houndstooth]

Snow falls in the Hoh Rainforest. Each flake illuminates a tiny ecosystem, babbling with complexity.

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park

Call Super

Fatima – Yellow Memories [Eglo]

Soulful autumn light illuminates a solitary grove of bare bodied trees.

Ballard, Seattle.

Hundred Waters – Out Alee [OWSLA]

Driving through a swirling snowstorm, steep descent into valleys of snow covered pines on one side, wind warped creatures on the other.

Hurricane Ridge – Olympic National Park

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Popcaan – Where We Come From [Mixpak]

In a history of explosive hardness, this younger greener island croons the optimistic balmy sighs of a lover. Don’t let its lighthearted demeanor fool you, its richly colorful and full of ambition.

Kauai, Hawaii

twisted no vingnette

Grouper – Ruins [Kranky]

A eerily calm day at the normally wind ravished Deception Pass. Water and the sky merge.

Deception Pass, WA

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Wen – Signals [Keysound]

Surrounding city breaks into a dark, dystopian reality. The damp pavement ripples, becomes brittle and shatters under my feet, petrol stains ooze in webs onto the dark obsidian cracks.

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The Bug – The Void (feat Liz Harris) [Ninja Tune]

A sinister red corridor is glossed over by shiny surfaces, sides pushed into rolling, rounded edges. The distinction between reflection and substance remains ambiguous.

The Red Hall, Seattle Public Library.

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Ekoplekz – Trace Elements [Planet Mu]


D’Angelo – It Ain’t Easy [RCA]

When content speaks so aptly, it mirrors reality – no matter the time. Although partially completed in 2012, Black Messiah’s sudden release couldn’t have been more relevant. D’Angelo’s voice instills calm in a world of chaos.

11/26, Seattle

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