Decibel Reflections

10 years is a long time. It’s about 1/5 of the average human lifespan and long enough to see the world reboot into a new era. 10 years of Decibel Festival? Well, that’s just 10 years of magic.

The Decibel Festival has been pumping lifeblood into Seattle’s electronic music scene for 10 wonderful years. To those that have been attending since year 1, it’s a late summer love that they just can’t get enough of. To many, the Decibel Festival isn’t just a festival they attend to see a few great shows, but a vacation, an experience, a place to reconnect with friends and to make new ones. It’s something many look forward to all year round and use their well deserved vacation hours for. The passion the community has for the festival is something truly special and something we feel needs to be celebrated! Decibel is for the people and the people make the festival. 1000 people may attend the same show and all have 1000 different amazing moments that are totally unique to them. Your experiences are quite frankly, magic. Your experiences make up Decibel Festival. Your experiences, and the need to create more of those magical moments, keeps Decibel alive and growing.

Since Decibel has been the conduit for many marvelous memories that have molded, changed, and touched so many lives, we thought it was only right to highlight and honor these experiences. We’ve put together a space for you to share your memories or “reflections” with the world and in return, experience the festival in a whole new way – through anothers eyes.

Please take a moment to check out the reflections of Decibel Festival that have rippled throughout the world. It’s your Decibel after all 🙂

While you’re there, how about sharing one of your own?