Electric Deluxe & Speedy J

As is tradition with Decibel Festival, show-goers will have the unique opportunity to attend up to six separate ‘After-Hour’ parties – each with their own distinct sound, environment, and mode of thinking. These events, typically starting around 2AM, are notorious for lasting past sunrise. While some folks are getting up and heading out the door for work, fans of Decibel will still be celebrating, dancing, socializing, and participating in an experience like no other.

One of these six events, the Electric Deluxe Showcase, is sure to make a lasting impression on the festival. Featuring the infamous Speedy J, artist and label founder of Electric Deluxe, and set in one of Seattle’s most premier spaces simply named ‘Q’ – the right ingredients are set in place for a momentous experience.

speedy j

This will be the third time Speedy J has returned to Decibel, continuing to be a favorite amongst the audience and even the dB’s founder, Sean Horton. Speedy J, a legendary spearhead in the community of techno after it’s departure from Detroit, has been an active creator, and collaborator of this culture for over 20+ years now – going back to classic releases like “Ginger” that released on ‘Plus 8’ in 1993. Since then, the innovator has worked on countless projects, most notably of course, Electric Deluxe – including the imprint, the boutique, and the event department “Electric Deluxe Presents”. Constantly innovating and setting higher standards, Speedy J stated that the reason for starting something like Electric Deluxe stemmed from “other, more mainstream labels falling behind where the music and culture was heading, due to their own boundaries and limitations they set up”. Based on these notions, the featured label was born and, ignoring the common unspoken rules that a majority of labels tend to follow, Electric Deluxe began releasing music at an unprecedented rate – with close to five years of being in existence and already 30 releases out on the shelves.

Holding a satellite night in an exclusive event such as the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) should give one a better understanding of the legitimacy and importance of an entity like Electric Deluxe, as well as it’s founder, Speedy J. Those attending the showcase will also be fortunate enough to see the DJ collaborate with a longtime friend and associate of his – Scott Pagano, a legendary visual designer and director. Pagano does more than utilize flashing lights and moving lines, but rather attempts to bring an experience of cinematic quality to the audience – creating memorable experiences while blurring the lines of sound and images.

An event for the ages, the Electric Deluxe Showcase takes place September 27th beginning at two in the morning and easily lasting past six – bring your dancing shoes.