Micro dB Fest : April 2014


Kicking off the 2014 festival season, we’re excited to announce our busiest concert month to date. Beginning April 3rd, we’ll be producing 10 events featuring over 20 of our favorite underground dance acts spanning the past 20 years. Highlights for this April Micro dB program include Decibel Festival alumni The Orb, Bonobo (DJ set), Green […]

Pacific Northwest Beat Scene: Relaxed, Lush and Hazy


Seattle and Portland, the two largest cities in the Pacific Northwest, respectively average only 71 and 68 clear and sunny days per year. Given these conditions, the area’s rich history of producers seems only natural.

A decade of Ghostly International at Decibel Festival


It is quite fitting that Ghostly International be one of the central focal points of this year’s seminal 10th edition of Decibel Festival. The influential label, founded in 1998 by Michigan native Sam Valenti IV, and the increasingly relevant music and arts festival share common roots in Detroit. Both as a locale and a counter-cultural center, Detroit’s underground music scene provided an inspirational back-drop for the creative minds behind each of these institutions.

Decibel #11 on INTHEMIX’s 25 Festivals To Discover Before You Die


Thank you In The Mix for naming Decibel Festival #11 of the 25 Festivals To Discover Before You Die! Here’s what they had to say: #11 DECIBEL FESTIVAL WHY: It’s not hard to see why Seattle’s Decibel Festival has a devoted following. Since 2003, the festival has pushed a forward-thinking agenda bringing together music, art […]

Electric Deluxe & Speedy J


As is tradition with Decibel Festival, show-goers will have the unique opportunity to attend up to six separate ‘After-Hour’ parties – each with their own distinct sound, environment, and mode of thinking. These events, typically starting around 2AM, are notorious for lasting past sunrise. While some folks are getting up and heading out the door […]

Opening letter from festival founder and curator Sean Horton


Perpetually shy and socially awkward, I consistently found refuge in books, art, film and music. I came to appreciate music in particular as a universal language, which I learned both as a musician and connoisseur. As my music tastes expanded working a music store in my teens, I began to interact with various subcultures and […]

Bottom Forty’s Nark Presents “Night Moves”

Deejay Nark

If this mix is any sort of an indicator as to what you can expect at the ‘Bottom 40 Showcase’ then there is no question as to if one should attend or not. Less than 5 minutes in – there is an aura of confidence and attitude so thick, you could cut it with a knife. The […]

Decibel Reflections


10 years is a long time. It’s about 1/5 of the average human lifespan and long enough to see the world reboot into a new era. 10 years of Decibel Festival? Well, that’s just 10 years of magic. The Decibel Festival has been pumping lifeblood into Seattle’s electronic music scene for 10 wonderful years. To […]

Decibel #8 on BEATPORT’S Most Anticipated Festivals of 2013


Thank you Beatport for naming Decibel Festival the eighth most anticipated festival of 2013! Here’s what they had to say about us: “This year marks the 10th anniversary of Seattle’s Decibel Festival, a homegrown institution inspired by high-brow gatherings like MUTEK and Sónar. Over the past nine years, Decibel has brought a slew of forward-thinking […]