Decibel on Live! [Video Feature]

Big thanks to for having us on this week to announce the initial festival lineup.  Full video interview above!  Here’s their accompanying post.  Looking forward to working with them again.  Enjoy!


If Decibel has anything to show for its 11 years at the center of the Northwest’s electronic music community, it’s at very least a killer first wave line up announcement boasting plenty of A-list international talent. From the legendary Richie Hawtin, to the dark clang of Andy Stott, the festival continues to lead the way, booking forward thinking and left leaning electronic acts while competitors bleed their repeat headliners dry.

In addition to the aforementioned, nu-disco king Lindstrom also graces this year’s poster, alongside other impressive names like Simian Mobile Disco, Lorde collaborator Son Lux, and more. In celebration of the event, founder and curator Sean Horton dropped by Revolt Live to discuss just what makes Decibel so unique amongst a booming music fest market.

“You’re dealing with smaller, more intimate venue spaces,” he explains, “some are seated, some are clubs, we do boat parties, we do film, there’s an educational component that happens during the day…” and that’s not all the program has to offer. A key component for Decibel is the marriage of sound and technology, one that is noticeably present (and we’re told hopes to be even more so this year) via the program’s heavy investment in visual art. A hand-in-hand for the sounds as any electronic music fan well knows, one is always enhanced significantly by the other.

“Its also a great time of the year in Seattle for the weather,” Horton tells us of Decibel’s Sept 24-28 dates. “It’s gorgeous here in September, it’s sunny and it gives people a chance that maybe think of Seattle as this dark rainy grey culture, to come out and see it really shine.”

Far from your traditional set up, the event foregoes the massive park model, instead existing across an array of venues in the heart of the city itself, making for not only a unique and intimate experience at each of it’s showcases, but a rich cultural experience as well.

Speaking to just where Decibel fits in the city of grunge, according to Horton, the idea is to incorporate a bit of everything.  “There’s a huge mainstream EDM culture here, there’s a huge Experimental Electronic Music culture here, obviously people know a lot about the Rock scene here, there’s a great Jazz scene here, and with people like Macklemore really taking center stage and bringing Seattle’s Hip Hop community to life, there’s a huge Hip Hop community here,” he gushes.  “I like to think of Decibel as embracing all of that, whether its Hip Hop, whether its Indie rock – but really going to for the fringe of those styles and the more experimental side, so there is Indie rock, there is hip hop, there is electro pop there is experimental sounds merged within Decibel”.

And if you’re unfamiliar with many of the names across this year’s poster, don’t say we didn’t warn you, past alumni include Deadmau5, Lorde, and Diplo all before they blew, playing venues a tenth of where they are now… and just who will be added to that list for next year? Guess you’ll just have to go to find out.