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Drowning into different music genres for years has bestowed the skill upon Avneesh of turning raw sounds into tunes that will haunt you wherever you go. Born in the island of Mauritius, he’s been surrounded by a very colourful culture and exotic music. Avneesh understands the art of combining instrumental sounds to produce beauty of form, harmony and expression of emotion which earned him a residency at Supperclub Singapore in 2008. Downtempo, nu-jazz building up to 4/4 beats, groovy and funky sounds are no stranger to him. He can bring you from the most silky smooth downtempo dinner/sundowner tunes to the peak rocking house and techno tunes in the main room of a club.

Avneesh has been one of the most successful DJs in his home country; he has spun at major events alongside with leading DJs, be it local or international. The talents of this gifted individual are diverse: his amazing skills as a turntablist earned him a DMC finalist title in Mauritius in 2007. Avneesh is also a music producer and professional graphic designer and manages his own collective, namely Electrocaïne.

This is a little glimpse of the uniqueness of the sound awaiting you. Let him blow your mind with his intoxicating tunes and addictive melodies. Fasten your seatbelts!