( Teklife / Hyperdub / Chicago, US ) DJ



Whether producing, writing, or Djing, DJ SPINN always has stayed at the top of his game. Starting out at the early age of 14, SPINN already had his mind set on the future when it came to music. In 1997 DJ SPINN gained a honorable reputation spinning for one of Chicago’s # 1 dance groups – Chicago’s infamous “House-O-Matics”. DJ Spinn saw his popularity grew while DJing for some of biggest teen parties in Chicago including: Club Cavilini’s, Dolton Expo, Markham Roller Rink, The Rink and numerous large house parties and CPS school events.

In 1998, DJ SPINN and long time friend and label mate DJ RASHAD got an opportunity to drop one Chicago’s favorite tracks of that time “Bout It Bout It Mix” on “Dance Mania Records”. Another hit from DJ SPINN soon followed “Muthaf#ka” (a Paul Johnson Remake) which gained him more production credits on the local mixtape circuit. Between creating mixtapes and DJ credit at parties it would only be a matter of time before DJ SPINN would rightfully earn his place next to legends such as Traxman, DJ Rashad, DJ Funk, Paul Johnson, Jammin Gerald, DJ Deeon, DJ Milton, DJ Slugo, DJ Nephets, DJ PJ, and DJ Gant-Man to name a few.

Since 2000 Chicago’s house scene has evolved into what is now known as “JUKE MUSIC” and the “JUKE” movement is growing day by day, city by city and at the front of the line are DJ SPINN, DJ RASHAD, TRAXMAN, DJ Manny, DJ Tre & Boylan bringing the style & flavor of the ol’school mixed with the energy & emotion of the new school. In 2007 DJ SPINN produced the track “Bounce & Break Yo Back” which has and still remains the Bang Tha Box Recordingz #1 highest selling single on the label as well has the his album ” Jukin & Footworkin Volume 1″ released in 2009. With hits on labels such Planet Mu, Bang Tha Box Recordingz, Juke Trax, and many others.

DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad have more recently founded a DJ & production crew called the “TekLife”. TekLife are veteran DJs & producers who reach back and mentor younger DJs in the music business as well as the business of being a DJ and Producer. There are TekLife now in every major city of the US, UK & Europe and they are growing. The Tekz music has been featured on national TV shows such as NBC’s “Ellen Really BIG SHOW” BET’S 106 & Park Wild Out Wednesdays and the “Footworkingz Take Flight” DVD.

This only just the beginning of DJ SPINN – the world has yet to see what next DJ SPINN has up his sleeve.