( Hush Hush / Seattle, US ) Live



Seattle native DJAO, aka Alex Osuch, has been a DJ for over a decade, but recent years have seen him shift focus towards his work as a producer. After joining up with Dropping Gems, Alex began to produce in earnest, and his live performances have since evolved on a nearly show-by-show basis. His music covers a wide swath of the electronic spectrum, with no ultimate plan to settle on any single style. Instead it exemplifies the progressive tradition of mixing elements from different disciplines into a cohesive whole, in service to a central harmonic vision.

Among his influences are hip hop, metal, noise, fusion jazz, soul, and the ever-evolving spectrum of future music. Armed with this array of named and unnamable musical idioms, Alex seeks out a hazy vision of natural environments as they might have existed in ancient times, could exist on other planets, and as they may yet exist here, on Earth, deep into the future.


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