Huerco S.

( Proibito / Software / Future Times / Other Heights / Kansas City, US ) Live



The Kansas City artist’s lo-fi transmissions have so far seen release on labels like Wicked Bass, Future Times and Opal Tapes—he was also responsible for the first record on Anthony Naples’ Proibito label, which was produced under the name Royal Crown Of Sweden. An RA review of his recent Apheleia’s Theme EP said that Huerco S’s “brand of soporific dub-house perfectly balances groove and dysfunction, clarity and concealment.” A press release cites “the ancient Native American mound city of Cahokia” as an influence for Colonial Patterns, alongside the work of artists like William Basinksi, Theo Parrish and Jon Hassell.

Huerco S. will release his debut full-length Colonial Patterns on September 24th via the Software imprint