Jimi Jaxon

( Bottom Forty / Decibel / Disco Droppings / 7 Deadly Records / Seattle, WA ) DJ

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Fierce, subversive, bold. Using descriptors like these, instead of merely listing genres gives a clue into Jimi Jaxon’s mindset. His work as an artist is more about the energy, more about presenting sounds that connect with him most. This approach has him pulling from a wide range of genres and styles, depending on the environment. Everything from Techno to Experimental, Juke, House, Ambient, Dubstep, 2-Step, Drum & Bass, Garage, Funk, Disco, Rock and Hip-Hop can appear in his sets. His style is for those with an open mind and an urge to move. Jimi Jaxon is a resident DJ for Decibel Festival and Bottom Forty. He also heads the Disco Droppings blog and 7 Deadly Records, where his original productions and remixes can be found.



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