John Roberts

( Dial Records / Cleveland, US / Berlin, DE ) Live



dB After-Hours 3: Dialated presented by Rane After Hours

Saturday, September 27 2014


John Roberts creates music that is meticulous and loose, evocative and innovative. Raised in the so-called heart of America, John’s parents, both amateur pianists, exposed him to classical and jazz music at an early age and encouraged his fifteen-year training on drums and violin. As he began to gain interest in contemporary European house and techno, John began working with analog synthesizers, antiquated sequencing software, and reel-to-reel tape machines.

In 2008 Roberts was asked by Carsten Jost, Pantha Du Prince, and Lawrence to be the first American artist on their influential Dial Records imprint. His 12” releases for Dial and sister label Laid have all received significant accolades. The 2010 release of his debut album, “Glass Eights,” cemented his position as one of electronic music’s top innovators. 2013 will see the release of his second album, “Fences”.




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