Kingdom Crumbs

( Seattle, WA ) Live



Out of the firmament, miles above Seattle, WA comes KINGDOM CRUMBS—the supercharged nucleus of the Cloud Nice collective. Evoking spirits, talking to ancestors, partying like it’s 9991—the crucial quartet of TAY SEAN, JERM D, MIKEY NICE and JARV DEE make some of the flyest spiritual space-funk to be found in this electronic era.

KINGDOM CRUMBS’ coordinates pinpoint them in the sonic vicinity of Dam-Funk, Thundercat, and Stankonia-era Outkast. All four members contribute voice and game via inspired raps and hooks designed to stimulate the party. Their live show is a new high, as they each orbit through keyboards and vocal effects with slick movements. Leave your bags at the door, enter the Kingdom.

“Kingdom Crumbs is hands-down full-stop one of the very very best groups our town has… Their beautiful self-titled album from August blends the best prog-rap influences (Outkast, Shabazz Palaces), with good old West Coast starchild synth-funk; their live show sparkles with a natural charm and gorgeous, ass-moving music.”- The Stranger

“Formed in 2010, the group—Brown, Jerm D, Mikey Nice and Jarv Dee—is, to use the parlance of the genre, on some next-level shit. Its self-titled debut, released last year, takes the shadowy template of Shabazz Palaces—the act at the forefront of Seattle’s rap avant-garde and whom Brown is currently assisting on tour—and turns up the black lights. – Willamette Week

“The Seattle quartet meld Dungeon Family’s eclectic, synthesized beats and the sharp groove of ’90s West Coast G-Funk into a spacious, heady storm over which the four unique emcees… drop lines that are distinctly Seattle: intriguing and hazy verses over loose but controlled soundscapes… Just like in all things, a lot of people in hip-hop do one thing really well, but not everyone can do it all. Kingdom Crumbs can.”- KEXP



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