Natural Magic

( Matthew Quiet + Mike M. of Reporter / San Francisco, US / Portland, US ) DJ



From the depths of a murky, bubbling hot spring located in a land of sour cherry waterfalls and spaced-out giggling gnomes was birthed a life force so great the mere mention of its name can make the boldest elders of the land cower in fear and even the most unabashed fairy beauties giggle in school girl delight. Natural Magic is the pseudo-human personification of this ancient force and the union of two souls so destined for musical communion not even the wink of the fairest of woodland maidens could make them waver in their commitment to the dance. The dusty old record collection enshrined to them by the elfin council of party times is now split between San Francisco and Portland, OR and is reassembled in its entirety but once a year in the clouds atop Mt. Shasta for a 48 hour party of old record pool disco 12 inches, questionable 90s radio hits and timeless synthy techno records (although if you ask them, they just play “trance”).


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