Psychedelic Television

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Psychedelic Television is an audiovisual performance group specializing in mind-bending, sound-reactive graphics. Formed in 2002 by Shado Norstegaard, Psychedelic Television represents the concrescence of art, music, technology and spirituality into an exciting entertainment format designed to annihilate the conventional TV paradigm.

Shado eventually teamed up with his long-time friend and creative collaborator Royce Owen, an award-winning visual artist and graphic designer. Since then, the duo have performed visuals at countless events spanning across a diverse roster of the industry’s top musical talent including the White Stripes, Ace Ventura, Emok, James Holden, and Perfect Stranger. Through combining their uniquely individual skill-sets, talents, and personalities into a cohesive whole, Psychedelic Television has rapidly become one of the Northwest’s most dynamic and in-demand visual performers.

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