( Further Records / Seattle, US ) - Live


dB2015 OPTICAL Kick-Off Party

Wednesday, September 23 2015


The cavernous and beautiful project of renowned DJ and Further Records headmaster Chloe Harris, Raica walks a fine line between lucid animation and blurred darkness.

“Originally released as a tape in 2012, Dose marked a difficult transition for Chloe Harris, the Seattle-based producer and co-head of Further Records. Before she made experimental synth music as Raica, Harris toured the world as a progressive house DJ and close associate of John Digweed, an artist who couldn’t be further removed from the music on Dose. Harris says the tape (now a record) was the sound of her trying to claw her way out of that world, or at least find a new one. Looking back on it now, Dose is a stunning document of vulnerability and volatile inspiration couched in seriously experimental, mind-bending music.”

– Resident Advisor on Dose (2012)


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