( Bottom Forty / Seattle, US ) DJ



Controlling booties on the dance floor since 2007… Riff-Raff’s beats don’t quit! What can you expect when Riff-Raff’s controlling the decks? MAD LOVE! With solidarity in their heart and bass in their soul; combining their passion for music and people is what sets them apart.

Riff-Raff’s musical interests and influences, are as diverse as the crowds they captivate. Their sound ranges and blends everything from nu-disco to deep house, tech house to indie dance. TRUST… everything you hear will be proper.

Some of the various parties/places they’ve played include Seattle Pride Festival (Main Stage) and the Wildrose Pride Party, Bottom Forty, Soft Wall, the Playground, Butch Queen, Hard Times, Shameless Social and Breakfast of Champions, Artifakt, Fringe, Cherry, Lick, Q, Black Rock City, ETG, the Cuff, Havana, and the Leschi Lounge.


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