Tarik Barri

( Versum / Imbalance Computer Music / Amsterdam, NL / Berlin, DE ) Visual



After moving to Saudi Arabia when I was a child, isolated from my peers in the Netherlands and with a lack of peers where I lived, I was very glad when my parents had purchased an MSX computer. Though the games were very cool I eventually got bored with them. Luckily I then discovered that computers can be told what to do: I discovered the joy of programming and creating my own virtual worlds.

When I came back to the Netherlands I started drawing and painting a lot. I also played in some bands while growing more and more obsessed with making music. After my first track release I took my chances and quit my study in biological psychology to pursue a career in music. During my study at the Utrecht School of Music and Technology I came to see how I could combine my interests in programming, drawing and music making into a coherent multimedial discipline.

2013 saw Tarik building original video works and performances for Thom Yorke’s Atoms For Peace project, Nicolas Jaar and his longtime collaborator Robert Henke aka Monolake.



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