( Wolf + Lamb Music / Double Standard Records / Providence / New York City, US ) DJ



Voices of Black is an American duo consisting of Julian ‘Jules Born’ Randolph and Baba Doherty. Randolph and Doherty first met in high school and began recording music together as teenagers. After spending the last few years touring Europe, Latin America and the US as DJs, the 23 year olds are ready to establish themselves as an original live act.

In 2009, Voices of Black self-released their initial departure from their hip hop roots ‘Tomorrow’s Today’. In 2010 they were introduced to the NYC based record label and artistic collective known as Wolf+Lamb by Nicolas Jaar, a former classmate of Doherty. VOB then released what they called an “experimental house beat tape” entitled ‘Plastic Dolls’. The project drew inspiration from eclectic sources such as underground hip hop, disco, soul, ambient and electronic dance music. The album was inspired by their fascination with supermodel Anna Beatriz Barros and the modeling industry as a whole.

The union between fashion and VOB became solidified when fashion powerhouse Yves Saint Laurent selected the duo’s unreleased song “Streets Run Red” for their 2012 Summer/Spring online campaign. The British based All Saints retail stores followed suit by playing VOB at their international locations. Veteran artists Little Dragon and Questlove of The Roots have taken notice of the duo, promoting their music through social media and on stage.

Their next release, on Gadi Mizrahi’s Double Standard Records, is an EP that builds on the unrestricted, innovative sound of ‘Plastic Dolls’. The EP features two new tracks ‘Have You ToMyself’ and ‘Take Back Soho’, with remixes from Tanner Ross and Ryan Cavanagh aka Slow Hands.

Shortly after, the duo released the “Her Flower” EP with their friend and French counterpart Rap Lisa. Progressing into more of a traditional song format less than half a year later they then released the single “Atom Bomb” – a more pop driven song with spacey sounds and a hybrid of genres.

When the two aren’t DJ’ing or performing live, the duo keeps busy working on artistic collaborations to provide a full sensory experience for their listeners. VOB is also collaborating with many other artists and producing projects. Listeners and fans await a full-length album from Voices of Black, with high hopes for the fearless duo.

Voices of Black subscribe to the principles of their self-developed philosophy, Yarchism. They are often preaching this message of “Yarch” to their fans, but what does it mean? Yarchism is the practice of freely accessing and projecting one’s subconscious mind. Yarchism is devoid of censorship or fear. Yarchism is uninhibited freedom of expression. Yarchism is everything that is said and unsaid. Voices of Black uses Yarchism not only to inspire others but also to guide their artistic integrity and innovation. YTTM.





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