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Wednesday, September 25th at the Chihuly Garden and Glass

Decibel Festival is honored to host Mileece, a sonic artist whose interactive “ecoscapes” are generated from the electromagnetic emissions of plants and by handmade, sensor-based musical instruments for an evening of Botanical Bio-Electricity at Chihuly Garden and Glass’s prestigious Glasshouse. Hors d’oeuvres, juice, coffee, dessert and one drink at bar (cash bar thereafter) are complimentary with purchase of ticket.



Los Angeles, CA

With support from

SCOTT CARVER (spatialisation and super collider programming support)




5:30PM to 9PM
All-ages with 21+ bar

$15 advance tickets* are available at // NOT INCLUDED WITH THE DECIBEL FESTIVAL PASS
*Price includes a complimentary drink and hor d’oeuvres (Admission normally $20 for Garden and Glass alone)

Venue: Chihuly Garden & Glass (Glasshouse)

Chihuly Garden and Glass

305 Harrison Street (next to Space Needle at Seattle Center)

Seattle, WA 98109 // @ChihulyGG



Located at the foot of the iconic Space Needle at Seattle Center, Chihuly Garden and Glass brings together significant elements of Dale Chihuly’s work, including Drawings, signature glass series and personal collections in a long-term exhibition. Its centerpiece Glasshouse, a dramatic structure housing a suspended 1,340-piece, 100-foot-long glass sculpture, and lush Garden, featuring large architectural installations, offers a comprehensive look at Chihuly’s influences and career.



Mileece is an internationally acclaimed, multidisciplinary sonic artist and renewable energy ambassador. Her work ‘promoting ecology through technology and the arts’ has brought her international critical acclaim as a composer and installation artist.

‘Formations’, her debut album, inspired by cycles and formations in nature (“beautiful, real, musical science”, BBC), was the result of her initial works in computer generated compositions, using Super Collider, an object-oriented programming language. Its success led her on international tours with the Icelandic pop group Múm and landed her a residency at BOX Innovation Centre at the London School of Economics. There, hailed by the likes of Brian Eno, she created her first interactive ‘Aesthetic Sonification’ installation with hand-made sensor based instruments and initiated the design and development of Tre-We-vrTM, a technology platform enabling Human/Plant communication through sound.

Presented as the installation series ‘Soniferous Eden’, Tre-We-vr TM has toured an array of prestigious museums, festivals and venues in Europe including the Migros Museum in Zurich, the Whitechapel Gallery, the Hayward Gallery, the Aldeburgh Festival and the Thames Festival, London and at MOCA’s Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, as a star-studded ecosphere where groves of plants generate a lush and complex harmonic soundscape in response to the touch and presence of its barefooted participants.

Initially developed for her touring sonic interpretation of Beckett’s ‘L’Image’ with the Centre Dramatique National, France, and featured on Arté TV, Mileece’s most recent interactive works include a series of handmade found and felted forest remnants turned wearable sensor-based instruments.

Also an avid field recording artist, in her recent performance at the MoMA, NYC, Mileece combined her recordings from Canadian icebergs to the Costa Rican Jungle with live generative music from her wearable instruments and Tre-We-vrTM TM plant interface along with vocals, acoustic instruments and orchestration. Complimented by live generative visuals incorporating plant data, this performance debuted excerpts from her forthcoming work ‘In the Case of Darkness’; a series of :sonic films: concentrating on the themes of environmentalism and philosophy.

Mileece is currently the resident artist at the Lycee International Francais in Los Angeles where is installing the first permanent zero-emission Tre-We-vrTM Pod as an Interactive Acoustic Playground for environmental educational. She also sits on the Board of Directors of Cygnus Atratus Group for fuel cell innovation helping to

promote renewable energy based arts and culture, advance fuel cell manufacturing and promote waste to energy markets. Future projects include a touring Interactive Library Playground Caravan.

NY Times:

MoMA PS1 – Expo 1 Lecture:

MoMA Gala Performance video:



Scott Carver is an artist and software engineer based in Seattle, Washington. He studied electroacoustic music and digital arts at the Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media at the University of Washington, where he focused on custom atemporal video processing software, and immersive sound.



Serena Tideman is a US born composer and classical and improvisational cellist who resides in Port Townsend, Washington.



Andreas Daugstad Leonardsen is a Norwegian filmmaker and musician. At the age of 6, he began singing in the Nidaros Cathedral Boys Choir, an engagement that exposed a passion for song that has lasted throughout his entire life. Drawn to traditional forms of expression, he is proficient in Tuvan throat singing and the mouth harp.



SEATTLE GREEN DRINKS: Part of the international Greendrinks network, Seattle Greendrinks is a volunteer-driven non-profit created to connect and grow Seattle’s environmental community. The goal of our group is pretty simple: to create a space that fosters connections and good times among people working in, or interested in, environmental and sustainability issues. Takes place 2nd Tuesday of every month. // @seagreendrinks


SUSTAINABLE SEATTLE: Sustainable Seattle is focused on the long-term health and sustainability of Seattle and the surrounding Puget Sound region.  Founded in 1991, the organization has a history of being a catalyst and resource for positive change. We have worked to develop five sets of community-based indicators over the past 22 years, measuring and making progress towards sustainability. Our indicator reports have reached thousands of people and sparked the formation of many other community sustainability groups throughout the world.  Our current programs use environmental action and education as a launching point for citizen engagement with the end goal of an overall healthier, more vibrant community for all. // @sustainseattle


MOLBAK’S GARDEN + HOME: Gifts, decor, garden gear, indoor and outdoor plants, that reflect the changing seasons.


STARBORNE SOUND: Founded in 2000, Seattle based Starborne Sound is a company that specializes in high quality venue installs, concert, festival and event audio reinforcement, lighting package, staging and tents – featuring KV2 Audio Systems.



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