Day 2


Grey Filastine came onto The Showbox stage with a rusty shopping cart full of percussion instruments from around the world. “I probably know a lot of you and I’m so happy to be back in Seattle.” Filastine was a prominent figure in the Seattle WTO protest in 1999 as the founder of the Infernal Noise Brigade, an anarchist drumline with a goal to disrupt the meetings while emboldening the activists. He was accompanied on stage by Javanese rapper/singer Nova (her first time in the United States) and their set was full of eclectic beats with live percussion and complimented b dystopian imagery. He is a veteran revolutionary and his homecoming at The Showbox was full of likeminded friends.


The only man to take the stage on the warm, fall night was there to fix sound equipment. After fiddling with the soundboard, the Discwoman stage was once again a ladies-only territory.  By the end of the third set of the evening, Young Ejecta had the growing crowd of chic chicks and big-haired gents grooving to her airy vocals and ‘80s synthesizer meets heavy bass tracks. Those still nodding their heads and drinking beer eventually succumbed to the emergent dance party with Natasha Kmeto’s club bangers with an electronic twist. Psychedelic visuals of scantily clad 1930s music stars pirouetting in tune to the contemporary beat epitomized the feeling of timelessness and mystery as dancers and DJs delved deeper into the night.  By the time Jlin took over for the final act, a full-on house party (via Re-Bar) was underway complete with DDR-style battling, booty shaking, and shirts swinging in the air. As the lights flashed on sweaty faces and tired legs eventually gave way, it was evident that there was nothing docile or sweet about these women commanding the collective body to move.

Photography: Kevin Dofredo and Chris Hill
Writing: Robin Guilfoil and Amanya Moloba