The beauty of Raica’s music is that every live performance is an experiment that she and the audience witness together. Very little is planned, she breathes life into each track and then nurtures them as they live and die naturally through the twists of her analog controllers. She is an expert improviser; melodies and rhythms weave in and out of focus while multi-dimensional soundscapes unfold and then collapse into themselves. As a listener, it’s not always obvious how to describe what you are hearing, but “pushing people’s boundaries is a good thing,” she says. “It would be a boring world if we didn’t experience other types of art than the type that we are most comfortable with.” By embracing that ethos, she is a constant source of inspiration in Seattle’s electronic music scene for over a decade. Catch her and the visual team, Coldbrew Collective, as they kick off 12th Annual Decibel Festival with their live audio/visual Optical Showcase on Wednesday, September 23rd at Re-Bar.