Job Description

Conference Production Lead

Reports to: Production Lead, Technical Director

Direct Reports: n/a

Works closely with: Pre-Festival Production Hand(s), Equipment Lead, Backline Equipment Lead, Artist Manager


Objective/Duties & Responsibilities


The Conference Production Lead serves as tech crew manager and primary audio/video engineer for the Conference. This person must have a solid understanding and command of operating small PA systems and video projection systems common to use at conferences and lectures. This includes setting up multiple microphones for panel discussions, using wireless microphones, connecting computers to video projection systems, basic projector operation and ideally some experience with video and audio recording of conferences.


The Conference Production Lead will provide guidance and supervision of 2-3 other techs who will be operating the A/V systems in the secondary rooms of the conference. In addition to managing the conference production staff, the Lead needs to be able to present him/herself very professionally and communicate very effectively with a variety of people including lecturers, panelists, artists, sponsors and those with very high or very limited technical knowledge.



  • Knowledge of audio/video equipment; a solid understanding and command of operating small PA systems and video projection systems common to use at conferences and lectures

  • Attention to detail and aesthetics of presentation (clear audio, bright focused video and a neat orderly stage presentation)

  • Experience with managing, supervising and/or leading staff

  • Knowledge of supervisory principles and practices

  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple projects simultaneously

  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, volunteers and artists

  • Strong organizational skills

  • Handles high pressure situations with grace and good humor

  • Punctuality and professionalism

  • Ability to make decisions quickly

  • Ability to use common sense approaches and make prudent and sound decisions

  • Ability to provide high quality services in a cost-effective manner and to recommend improved methods of performing the work


  • Previous production experience working with electronic music

  • Previous production experience working with a music festival

  • Previous production experience working with live music

  • Good ears

  • Familiar with troubleshooting issues related to production of both DJ and live events (equipment, musical styles)

Employment Conditions

  • This position is mainly required during the festival, but occasional meetings and consistent communication with the Production Lead and Tech Director will be required in the 6-8 weeks leading up to the festival

  • Must have personal computer or daily access to a computer

  • Willingness to check Decibel email daily (during lead-up to festival)

  • Evening and weekend required

  • Reliable transportation to/from various Decibel meetings and events