Job Description

Finance Record Keeper

Reports to: Business Operations Director, Core Directors, Finance Coordinator

Direct Reports:

Works closely with: Finance Coordinator, Finance Assistants, Artist Manager


Objective/Duties & Responsibilities


In Festival: September to mid-October

  • Accurately record all financial transactions during the festival; costs and deposits

  • Collaborate on finance department strategy to ensure accurate record keeping

  • Assist with organizing payments for daily distribution

  • Organize and categorize all hard copy records generated during the festival

  • Other duties as assigned – use your imagination, anything is possible during the festival


  • Experience with bookkeeping and financial record keeping

  • Experience settling daily deposits

  • A love of spreadsheets

  • Super organized

  • Ability to prioritize and handle multiple projects simultaneously

  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing

  • Ability to work collaboratively with colleagues, volunteers and artists

  • Handles high pressure situations with grace and good humor

  • Punctuality and professionalism

  • Ability to make decisions quickly

  • Proficiency with personal computing environment, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Docs, and the Internet

  • Ability to use common sense approaches and make prudent and sound decisions


  • Experience managing finances for a small to medium size business

  • Experience with Quickbooks or other bookkeeping software

  • Knowledge of event settlement practices

  • Previous experience working with electronic music

  • Previous experience working with a music festival

Employment Conditions

  • Weekly Decibel meetings for the month before the festival and two weeks after (Sept 1 – mid-October)

  • Position requires work during Decibel festival

  • Must have personal computer or daily access to computer

  • Willingness to be in regular touch with your Decibel team via email (Sept 1 – mid-October)

  • Evening and weekend required

  • Reliable transportation to/from various Decibel meetings, events and during festival